Camp Application Step 2 – Confirmation

Thank you for uploading the Student Health Assessment Form and the Health Care Provider Assessment Form. We will be reviewing your application and updating your camp application status, which you can view here anytime: We will be contacting you via email if the provided documentation is incomplete.

Once your application has been reviewed and is completed, your application status will say, “Complete”. After the camp deadline has passed, all Complete applications will be eligible for review to be accepted into the camp. Please note that if an application has been deemed Complete, it does not mean that the student has been accepted into the camp. The amount of applicants usually exceeds the number of spots that are open for the camp. A decision will be made on camp acceptance within a few days of the deadline. You will be notified via email that the student has been accepted at this time. This email will contain instructions and a Welcome Packet. Your application status will also be updated to say, “Accepted”.

Again, thank you for submitting an application.